Sunday 27 December 2015

Important English Words Used in Daily Life

            Here I listed out some important English words which we come across in day-to-day life. I am 100% sure that these words will help you to manage better English communication. 

Word of the Day (20 January 2017) :
Abuse: (Verb)
            Meaning: Insult someone using bad expression / Misuse something / Mistreat someone
            Sentence: 1. People get angered when someone unnecessarily  abuse them.
                            2. That minister abused his powers to build his own house on government's land.
                            3. I don't like people who abuse animals for their fun.

           Meaning: Insulting expression for someone / Misuse of something / Mistreatment given to someone  
           Sentence: 1. No one like abuses given for unnecessary reasons.
                           2. Abuse of powers for personal benefits is not good for country's growth.
                           3. Animal abuse has been declared as offence by Indian government.    

Abandon: (Verb)
                Meaning: To give completely
                Sentence: Due to some health issues, he abandoned smoking. 

Abduct: (Verb)
            Meaning: Kidnap
            Sentence: Three gunmen abducted a famous businessman of the city. 

Abduction: (Noun)
                Meaning: Kidnapping
                Sentence: He is in jail from last 6 years for abduction of a businessman.

Abuse: (Verb)
            Meaning: Insult someone using bad expression / Misuse something / Mistreat someone
            Sentence: 1. People get angered when someone unnecessarily  abuse them.
                            2. That minister abused his powers to build his own house on government's land.
                            3. I don't like people who abuse animals for their fun.

           Meaning: Insulting expression for someone / Misuse of something / Mistreatment given to someone  
           Sentence: 1. No one like abuses given for unnecessary reasons.
                           2. Abuse of powers for personal benefits is not good for country's growth.
                           3. Animal abuse has been declared as offence by Indian government.  
Acclaim:  (Verb)
             Meaning: To praise someone.
             Sentence: People acclaimed Narendra Modi for his idea of digital India.

             Meaning: Praise
             Sentence: I got acclaim for my work in security.

Acquit: (Verb)
           Meaning: To free someone from criminal charges.
           Sentence: Bollywood hero Salman Khan got acquitted from accident case.
Adore: (Verb)
          Meaning: To love or respect someone with high extent.
          Sentence: We should adore our creator (God) who has offered us everything. 

Afford: (Verb)
           Meaning: Spare, Have enough something so that we can manage
           Sentence: I can't afford to buy Mercedes car.  

Apostasy: (Noun)
               Meaning: Refusing religious beliefs.
               Sentence: He is getting severe criticism over apostasy.

Assault: (Verb)
              Meaning: Making physical attack, Thrash, Beat
              Sentence: Dacoit assaulted a rich person and ran away with his gold chain.

              Meaning: A physical attack, Thrash
              Sentence: His assault on traffic police put him into six years of jail.

Asleep: (Adjective or Adverb)
             Meaning: In state of sleep, Inactive, Without any feeling(numb)
             Sentence: 1. He was asleep during my lecture.
                              2. Due to absence of main cricketers, match was looking asleep.
Befuddle: (Verb)
                Meaning: Confuse
                Sentence: Politicians by their ambiguous speeches really befuddle us about their views over country's betterment.

Blush: (Verb)
            Meaning: shy or embarrass (so that getting face red) (In Hindi, "Sharmana")
            Sentence: A girl blushed when she got a proposal from a male friend. 

            Meaning: Reddening of face as he/she shy or embarrass
            Sentence: A proposal from a male friend brought a blush on her face. 

Bullish: (Adjective)
             Meaning: Excessively confident (in a bad way)
             Sentence: Shivaji Maharaj has defeated bullish Mughals by his war tactics. 
             (Note: In share market, it is used to specify rising share prices)

Calm: (Adjective)
          Meaning: Peaceful, undisturbed, restful
          Sentence: Whatever is the situation, he retains his calm behaviour.

           Meaning: A peaceful state of someone
           Sentence: His calm always gets people attention.
           Meaning: To reduce others anger
           Sentence: He was trying to calm angry mob.  

Commencement: (Noun)
                           Meaning: The beginning of something
                           Sentence: The commencement of new semester is to be scheduled on 15th June.

Compliance: (Noun)
                     Meaning: Action as per standards/rules/wishes/commands
                     Sentence: NDA government got popularity due to their loyalty and compliance.

Convict: (Verb)
             Meaning: Declare someone guilty for criminal charges.
             Sentence: Court convicted Sanjay Datt for Mumbai bomb blast case.
             Meaning: A person who got declared guilty for criminal charges.
             Sentence: Harshad Mehta was convict in Share Market corruption case.

Conviction: (Noun)
             Meaning: A declaration by court that someone is guilty for criminal charges.
             Sentence: He started crying after hearing the conviction from Judge. 

Covert: (Adjective)
            Meaning: Secret
            Sentence: Police ran a covert operation to capture gangsters.

Coward: (Noun)
              Meaning: Afraid person or person who lacks courage
              Sentence: Terrorists are real cowards who want to take lives of innocents.

Cowardice: (Noun)
                  Meaning: Lack of courage
                  Sentence: Cowardice is the biggest barrier for success.
Decimate: (Verb)
                 Meaning: Kill in large numbers or Destroy a lot
                 Sentence: A massive cyclone has decimated the coastal population.

Deduce: (Verb)
            Meaning: Come to a conclusion or draw a conclusion with some reasoning.
            Sentence: What we can deduce from latest Chennai Rains is that it is very difficult to predict Nature's behavior.

Defame: (Verb)
             Meaning: To damage good reputation of someone
             Sentence: Many pseudo secular people are trying to defame our beloved Prime Minister.

Defunct: (Adjective)
            Meaning: Not working or not functioning
            Sentence: In this century, communism is defunct Political system. 

Delicious: (Adjective)
               Meaning: Very tasty
               Sentence: Hotels nearby to city provide delicious food. 

Denigrate: (Verb)
                Meaning: Defame or criticize badly
                Sentence: Scums who consider themselves intelligent, always try to denigrate country. 

Deport: (Verb)
           Meaning: Expel a foreigner from a country (as he violates the law or does any crime)
           Sentence: Few foreigners were deported from UK as they didn't renew visa.

Descend: (Verb)
                Meaning: Come down, Move down
                Sentence: Due to the big loss to the major companies, share market started descending by remarkable margin.

Diplomacy: (Noun)
                 Meaning: A skill or an activity of a person to manage relationship in a better way (in tactful way).
                 Sentence: One of the remarkable thing about our PM is his diplomacy.

Disappoint: (Verb)
                 Meaning: Fail to fulfill expectations
                 Sentence: On that bad day, Master Blaster got nervous when he disappointed his crores of fans. 

Disburse: (Verb)
              Meaning: To pay out
              Sentence: I am waiting for the moment when bank will disburse me a loan.

Disbursal: (Noun)
                Meaning: Payment
                Sentence: I am waiting for the disbursal of loan from bank. 

Disrobe: (Verb)
             Meaning: To take out one's clothes
             Sentence: People disrobed to convey their opposition to law.

Dissent: (Noun)
               Meaning: Disagreement, Different opinion
               Sentence: When boss proposed his plan, there was dissent among the majority of team members.

               Meaning: Disagree, show different opinion
               Sentence: Team members dissented from the views of boss.

Drown: (Verb)
           Meaning: Die through submerging into water
           Sentence: A biker got drowned when he fell into river.

Dubious: (Adjective)
              Meaning: Doubtful, uncertain
              Sentence: I am dubious about the plan of trekking which we made earlier.

Dumb: (Adjective)
           Meaning: Temporary speechless or mute
           Sentence: Mother became dumb when she saw her lost son.
Earnestly: (Adverb)
                 Meaning: Seriously
                 Sentence: He is earnestly thinking to join research work in European university.

Effigy: (Noun)
           Meaning: Statue of a person
           Sentence: 1) Effigy of dictator was burnt by people in order to protest.
                           2) Effigies in Ajintha are visited by thousands of people every day.  

Elegant: (Adjective) (Pronounced as "Eligant")
              Meaning: Beautiful, Neat, simple, systematic
              Sentence: 1. Queen was looking elegant in traditional costume.
                              2. His elegant work in college project was appreciated by all faculties.                            

Eternal: (Adjective)
              Meaning: Never-ending, Everlasting.
              Sentence: 1. We all are blessed with eternal nature's love.
                              2. His eternal spirit took him to this level.

Evacuate: (Verb)
                Meaning: Take away someone from the place of danger / In science, it is used to remove air, water from the container
                Sentence: Government used all possible ways to evacuate people from earthquake hit area.

Fabulous: (Adjective)
                  Meaning: Amazing, extraordinary
                  Sentence: Everyone got amazed by that fabulous drawing. 

Fanatic: (Noun)
              Meaning: Extremist, Zealot
              Sentence: It's always a worst thing to become fanatic over something. 

Fascinate: (Verb)
                 Meaning: Attract
                 Sentence: 1. South Asian people are fascinated by Bollywood movies.
                                  2. During our childhood, we were fascinated by video games.
                                  3. Hitler used to fascinate people by his speeches.

Feisty: (Adjective)
          Meaning: Courageous, powerful
          Sentence: Feisty Hamid fought with enemies in bad situation.

Fend: (Verb)
           Meaning: To take care of oneself without taking help from others
           Sentence: While leaving for hostel, father told son to fend for himself.

Flak: (Noun)
         Meaning: Criticism 
         Sentence: He got a flak after his statement over intolerance.

Flap: (Verb)
         Meaning: (For a bird) To move wings up and down
         Sentence: A parrot started flapping when it came out of cage. 

         Meaning: Two surfaces which are hinged at one end
         Sentence: A mobile handset flap cover
Fishy: (Adjective)
          Meaning: 'Fishy' actually means regarding to fish but in day-to-day conversation it is used to point out certain suspicious thing.
           Sentence: Growing wealth of politicians looks somewhat fishy.

Forbid: (Verb)
            Meaning: Refuse to do something or order someone not to do something.
            Sentence: In our society, it is forbidden to go against traditions.  

Foil: (Verb)
       Meaning: Prevent something wrong to get succeeded
       Sentence: Recently our soldiers has foiled the terrorist's plan to attack in Delhi. 

Furious: (Adjective)
               Meaning: Extremely angry
               Sentence: I get furious whenever I hear about terrorist attack.
Fuss: (Noun)  (It is pronounced as FAS)
        Meaning: unnecessary excitement
        Sentence: I can't understand this fuss about modernization.

         Meaning: Showing unnecessary concern about something
         Sentence: In India, people who call them liberal always fuss about secularism.

Glorious: (Adjective)
                Meaning: Remarkable, with glory, worthy
                Sentence: 2011 Cricket world cup victory is the glorious thing in the Indian Sports history.

Gratitude: (Noun)
               Meaning: A feeling of thankfulness
               Sentence: I expressed my gratitude to my colleagues for their support during the project work. 

Greet: (Verb)
           Meaning: To welcome someone with polite words.
           Sentence: I greeted my Christian friend on the eve of Christmas. / All faculties in my department greeted my idea of e-content.

Gutsy: (Adjective)
          Meaning: brave
          Sentence: That gutsy soldier fought with enemies though he was injured.
Hail: (Verb)
        Meaning: To praise someone or to greet or to acclaim for their work.
        Sentence: Us media hails Modi for his diplomacy.

Hoist: (Verb)
           Meaning: Raise by rope
           Sentence: On the eve of Independence day, Prime Minister hoisted the flag.

Hypocrite: (Noun)
                  Meaning: A person who pretends to have morals, principles, religious beliefs but he doesn't (In Hindi, "Dhongi")
                  Sentence: Be careful from hypocrites who drags us to wrong path for their betterment.

Imperialism: (Noun)
                     Meaning: Policy of extending influential area by force (by using military).
                     Sentence: Imperialism was the main reason for first and second world war.
Insane: (Adjective)
             Meaning: Crazy, Out of mind
             Sentence: People's thinking over region makes me insane. 
Jazz: (Noun)
         Meaning: Jazz is one of the type of music.
         Sentence: Yesterday I saw crowd of people who were dancing on Jazz music.
Kiosk: (Noun)
           Meaning: A small cubical through which things(like tickets) are sold.
           Sentence: Now-a-days in all multiplexes, you can find ticket kiosk to get tickets for online booking.  
Laud: (Verb)
           Meaning: Praise highly
           Sentence: Mark Zuckerberg lauded PM Narendra Modi for his efforts for Digital India.

           Meaning: Praise
           Sentence: Lauds, praises given by people motivates us to do better further.
Lavish: (Adjective)
            Meaning: Luxurious 
            Sentence: He is enjoying lavish life.

Longing: (Noun)
               Meaning: Eagerly waiting for something.
               Sentence: All of us have longing for childhood days.

                Meaning: Desiring or waiting 
                Sentence: I get emotional when I see his mother's longing eyes.   

Lynch: (Verb)
          Meaning: Hang to death, execute
          Sentence: Saddam Hussain was lynched by the Iraq new government.
Magnificent: (Adjective) (Pronounced as "Magnifisant")
                      Meaning: Extremely Beautiful, Awesome, Splendid, Superb
                      Sentence: All people gathered there got amazed by his magnificent acting.

Malign: (Adjective)
             Meaning: Bad
             Sentence: All are fed up with his malign nature.

              Meaning: Defame someone or criticize someone badly
              Sentence: Fake liberal people are trying to malign the image of our beloved PM. 

Mascot: (Noun)
            Meaning: A person or thing which brings good luck.
            Sentence: M S Dhoni is mascot for Indian Cricket while Mr. Narendra Modi is mascot for Indian Politics. 

Mentor: (Noun)
            Meaning: An expert/experienced adviser
            Sentence: Our mother is the first mentor in our life. 

            Meaning: To train or advise someone
            Sentence: My guide nicely mentored me to carry out research work.

Mesmerize: (Verb)
                    Meaning: To attract others strongly
                    Sentence: She mesmerized audience with her sweet voice. 

Mock: (Verb)
          Meaning: To make fun of  or  To laugh/tease someone
          Sentence: In our country, it has become tradition for opposition parties to mock Government's ideas whether those are good or bad.

          Meaning: Not real or Not authentic
          Sentence: I am planning to arrange GATE mock test for students. 

Mull: (Verb) (Pronounced as "MAL")
          Meaning: Deeply think about something, ponder
          Sentence: I always suggest my juniors to mull over all the possibilities before taking any firm decision.

Niche: (Noun) (Pronounced as Nich)
           Meaning: Ideal something (Job, place, position etc.), (It is also used for shallow slot in wall)
            Sentence: After struggling a lot, he reached his niche.

Nostalgia: (Noun) (Pronounced as "Naastalgia")
                 Meaning: (A feeling of) Longing for the things which happened in the past
                 Sentence: Though we have everything, we feel nostalgia for our childhood days. 
Notion: (Noun)
           Meaning: The belief about something
           Sentence: In India, notion about the teachers is they are the lazy people. 

Opaque: (Adjective)
              Meaning: Not able to see through something
              Sentence: A person fell in pond but was not visible due to its opaque dirty water.

Outcry: (Noun)
            Meaning: Shout or yell or scream with anger
            Sentence: Government responded to the public outcry over rape cases. 

Outrage: (Verb)
               Meaning: Reacting with more anger
               Outrage: Public outraged over rape cases which are happening on daily basis.

                Meaning: Reaction with more anger
                Sentence: Finally government had to respond to the public outrage.

Overhaul: (Verb)
                 Meaning: Renovate, Repair, Service, Maintain, Revamp 
                 Sentence: Just now, I have overhauled my bike.

                 Meaning: The renovation process, Maintenance
                 Sentence: Due to the financial crisis, government is considering the overhaul of economical policies.
Pale: (Adjective) (Pronounced as "Peil")
          Meaning: Light in color or Shade, Inferior or of less importance
          Sentence: 1. Pale colors on house walls looks more better than dark ones.
                          2. Most of the time, rural people have pale feeling about themselves when they move to urban areas.

          Meaning: Become light in color, Lose importance
          Sentence: 1. House walls get paled automatically after few years.
                          2. As our ego rises, we start paling in society. 

Pamper: (Verb)
              Meaning: To love someone and offer him whatever he wants. (In Hindi, Bahot Lad-Pyar Karana)
              Sentence: Our mothers pampered us with tasty delicacies.

Petty: (Adjective)
         Meaning: Trivial, of less importance.
         Sentence: I don't want to outcry over such petty issues. 

Perplex: (Verb)
              Meaning: Confuse, Baffle
              Sentence: I always get perplexed by her moody behavior.

Persistent: (Adjective)  
                 Meaning: Continuing for longer duration
                 Sentence: 1. He has achieved his goal by persistent hard work.
                                  2. Persistent raining and storm has damaged this coastal city.

Persuade: (Verb)
                Meaning: Convince
                Sentence: After hours of discussion, I got successful to persuade my friend that M.Tech is not just meant for teaching profession.

Philanthropic: (Adjective)
                     Meaning: Something for the welfare of others
                     Sentence: Bill Gates apart from his business is well known for philanthropic work.
Prestige: (Noun)
               Meaning: Good reputation
               Sentence: By cracking UPSC examination, he got respect and prestige. 

Ponder: (Verb)
           Meaning: To think seriously about something before reaching/making any decision.
           Sentence: I always suggest my students to ponder about the topic before going for discussion.
Quotation: (Noun)
                 Meaning: A statement from someone which carry some significance
                 Sentence: Quotations by great people always inspires us.   
Ransack: (Verb)
              Meaning: To rob, To loot
              Sentence: Villagers ransacked the truck which got accident nearby to village.

Rag: (Noun)
         Meaning: A piece of old cloth or low quality thing
         Sentence: He earns his daily living by collecting rags.

Ragpicker: (Noun)
                   Meaning: A person who collects and sells rags (garbage) (In Hindi, "Kachara Uthane Wala")
                   Sentence: That rich person, once was a ragpicker.

Realm: (Noun)
           Meaning: Kingdom, state. OR Area, field
           Sentence: Welcome to my realm of Computer Science.

Recite: (Verb)
            Meaning: Say aloud by recalling from memory
            Sentence: An adorable school girl recited a poem in the class.

Refute: (Verb)
            Meaning: Prove something to be wrong, disprove, confute, rebut
            Sentence: During nineteenth century, scientists of that time refuted many traditional religious beliefs.  

Relieve: (Verb)
              Meaning: Reduce OR Replace(take over from someone)
              Sentence: 1. He was using addictive drugs to relieve his pain.
                              2.  I called my friend to relieve me when I started feeling uneasiness.
Revert: (Verb)
             Meaning: Get back to previous state
             Sentence: After getting bad experience in my new business, I reverted to older one.
Revive: (Verb)
             Meaning: To get back to original state or better state.
             Sentence: Government is trying hard to revive weakened economy. 

Ruckus: (Noun) (Pronounced as "Rakas")
              Meaning: Noise, Disturbance (In Hindi- Hangama, Shor)
              Sentence: As the teacher was not in the class, Students were raising ruckus.
Sanitize: (Verb)
               Meaning: To make clean, to purify, to make free from micro-organisms(like bacteria).
               Sentence: We should sanitize cooler tanks to avoid mosquitoes.

Sarcasm: (Noun)
             Meaning: The use of irony to mock someone
             Sentence: Sarcasm can be humorous quality of a person if he uses it in proper way.  

Scum: (Noun)
          Meaning: A layer of dust of bubbles on the surface of liquid. (Informally it is used to refer useless or worthless people)
          Sentence: 1. Due to the heavy traffic around, this lake has a big scum.
                          2.  Scums don't have any work except commenting on others.

Sedition: (Noun) (Pronounced as "SIDITION")
              Meaning: Provoke/Incite people against government/authority 
              Sentence: He got arrested for sedition charges.

Seek: (Verb)
         Meaning: Search for, Look for
         Sentence: He is practicing meditation to seek the meaning of life. 

Smack: (Verb)
            Meaning: Slap (in Hindi, "Thappad Marana")
            Sentence: She smacked person who was misbehaving with her.

            Meaning: Slap (in Hindi, "Thappad")
            Sentence: A sound roared inside the hall due to the smack.

Snap: (Verb)
         Meaning: Sudden break with emitting sound
         Sentence: A bridge got snapped and bus fell into water.

          Meaning: A sudden, sharp sound 
          Sentence: 1. A window glass was broken with snap by pelted stone.
                          2. He closed the door with snap.

Spare: (Verb)
           Meaning: Afford, Get manage with 
           Sentence: 1. I can't spare to buy Mercedes car.
                           2. Terrorists should not get spared.

Sparkle: (Verb)
             Meaning: glitter, twinkle, shine with bright light
             Sentence: Her Diamond ring sparkled as she came from dark to light.

               Meaning: glitter, twinkle, a flash of light
               Sentence: A sparkle from diamond ring was taking attention of every individual in the party.
Spectacular: (Adjective)
                   Meaning: beautiful, eye catching thing, glorious
                   Sentence: Eiffel Tower is one of the spectacular man made structure.  

Stalwart: (Adjective)
              Meaning: Loyal, reliable
              Sentence: He is the stalwart politician I have ever seen. / He is the stalwart activist of our movement.

               Meaning: A Loyal and reliable person 
               Sentence: Whatever our country is today, is because of its stalwarts.

Statesman: (Noun)
                  Meaning: Senior Politician or Respected Politician
                  Sentence: P. V. Narsing Rao was India's greatest statesman.

Stir: (Verb) (Pronounced as "STAR" with R silent)
       Meaning: Move slightly or To mix(by spoon)
       Sentence: 1. The earthquake was so large that it stirred the whole building.
                        2. He stirred coffee to mix sugar properly.

            Meaning: A slight movement. It is also used for disturbance, uproar
            Sentence: 1. That wind caused a stir.
                             2. His controversial statement resulted into a stir in crowd over there.

Thrash: (Verb)
               Meaning: Beat/strike/hit a person or animal 
               Sentence: On that day, dacoit thrashed a person and ran away with his gold chain.

               Meaning: A violent act beating OR A musical party
               Sentence: 1. It was horrible to watch a thrash by dacoits to that person.
                                2. He gave a big thrash on his first wedding anniversary.

Traitor: (Noun)
            Meaning: Back-stabber, betrayer
            Sentence: Be careful while dealing with traitors. 

Trash: (Noun)
           Meaning: Waste material
           Sentence: Unfortunately our public places are surrounded with trash.

          Meaning: Damage, destroy
          Sentence: Cyclone trashed all buildings in that coastal area.
Tremendous: (Adjective)
                       Meaning: Very large in amount/number
                       Sentence: He became too emotional as well as happy after getting tremendous response to his painting.
Unfold: (Verb)
              Meaning: Spreading out from folded position / To get revealed.
              Sentence: Everyone got emotional when he unfolded his struggled life.   

Urge: (Verb) (Pronounced as "ARJ")
          Meaning: To consistently ask someone to do something
          Sentence: Father urges his son to study hard.

          Meaning: A strong desire
          Sentence: Whatever Sachin is today, its because of his urge to become a successful cricketer.  

Vanish: (Verb)
              Meaning: To disappear suddenly.
              Sentence: After earthquake, that area got vanished. 

Vociferous: (Adjective)
                 Meaning: (It can be used for various purpose) Very eager, Enthusiastic, Very frank
                 Sentence: My vociferous friend finally went on abroad tour which he was longing from long time.
Waive: (Verb)
            Meaning: To give up / To refrain from something
            Sentence: Tutor waived off his tuition fees when he came to know about his economical condition.  

Wisdom: (Noun) (Pronounced as Wizdam)
                Meaning: Knowledge, Intelligence, Sense
                Sentence: A question raised on his wisdom when he failed to complete the project on time.

X-ray: (Noun)
           Meaning: An image of body part after passing certain radiation.
           Sentence: X-ray of hand.
Yearn: (Verb)
            Meaning: Having a great desire to get something or longing for something to get.  
            Sentence: Though we got everything that we want, but still we yearn for our childhood days.  

Zeal: (Adjective)
          Meaning: Passion 
          Sentence: His zeal for coding took him to great level. 

Zealot: (Noun)
           Meaning: Extremist, fanatic 
           Sentence: It always a worst thing to become zealot over something.

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