Wednesday 31 August 2016


              Go through the following posts:

1. Some Important Websites URL

2. Links for How to install various softwares on Fedora/Ubuntu

3. Basic Linux Commands with Examples

4. Basic SQL Queries

5. Abbreviations in Computer Science

6. How To Make Pendrive Bootable on Ubuntu

7. Vedic mathematics method to find a square of a number

8. How to find the execution time of a C program

9. How to redirect domain to another domain in godaddy

10. How To Install Windows Softwares On Linux

11. Wine Error- MS Powerpoint Fails To Launch

12. How to record Screen / Desktop video on ubuntu

13. Google play store download pending error

14. How to See Live Youtube Subscriber Count 

15. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Amazon Affiliate Marketing Account Kaise Banaye | Short Links   

16. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Amazon Affiliate Program Part 2

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