Wednesday 31 August 2016

Blogging Tips

              Go through the following posts:

1. How to write a blog on Google Blogger (including Using custom Domain for Blog, Creating custom url link for the post, Checking number of worldwide views, Earning money from the blogs).

2. How to use custom domain name for your Blog on Blogger (domain name from godaddy) - Explanation with screenshots

3. How To Embed Youtube Video in Blogger

4. How To Add File(pdf,doc,xls,ppt) To Blogger Post Using Google Drive

5. How To Create Menu Bar in Blogger

6. How to redirect domain to another domain in godaddy

7. What is meaning of negative balance in Google Adsense

8. How to add Discussion Forum in Blogger or in Your Website 

9. How to Create and Grade Quiz in Google Forms   

10. How to add Latex to blog 

11. How to upload / integrate ads.txt file in blogger?   

12. How to add search box in blogger header 

13. How to decrease or increase space between Blog Post and Sidebars   

14. How to add Google calendar to your website / blogger

15. How to remove date from blogger post url | how to remove year and month in blogger url  

16. How To Add Facebook Plugin To Blogger or Website

17. How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button on Blogger or Website    

18. How To Schedule Post On Blogger | How To Schedule Blogger Posts | Blogging Tips For Beginners 

19. How To Embed Google Form in Blogger or Website | How To Add Google Form in Blogger or Website

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