Wednesday 31 August 2016

Cuda Programming

                  Go through the following posts:

1. Interview Questions on CUDA Programming

2. What is CUDA? / Basics of CUDA (Necessity of GPU, Host, Device, Kernel, Stream Multiprocessor, Stream Processor, Thread, Block, Grid, Warp, Memory architecture of GPU) 

3. How to run CUDA program on Google Colab | How to run CUDA program online | Run CUDA prog without GPU

4. How to run CUDA Program on Remote Machine

5. Cuda program for addition of two one dimensional arrays

6. CUDA program to add two matrices

7. Cuda program for multiplication of two matrices

8. Cuda program for matrix multiplication using shared memory

9. Cuda: Finding Compute Capability of a GPU

10. Cuda program using Constant memory of a GPU

11. CUDA Multi-GPU : To set a GPU of required Compute Capability as current GPU

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