Wednesday 31 August 2016


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1. Interview / Viva Questions on Compiler Design

2. Six phases of Compiler with an Example

3. LEX YACC program to evaluate arithmetic expression

4. How to find FIRST and FOLLOW of a grammar with examples

5. Code generation using DAG / labeled tree - C Language Implementation

6. Code generation using DAG / labeled tree - C++ Language Implementation

7. LEX YACC To Parse Input Text File

8. What are the Different Types of Parsers

9. How To Construct LL(1) Parsing Table

10. How To Construct LR(0) Parsing Table

11. How To Construct SLR(1) Parsing Table

12. How To Construct CLR(1) or LR(1) Parsing Table

13. How To Construct LALR(1) Parsing Table

14. Recursive Descent Parser Example in C language

15. Concurrent YACC to Parse Input Text File
16. Intermediate code generation for sample language using LEX and YACC

17. Syntax Directed Translation Scheme (SDT)

18. How C / C++ Compiler evaluates arithmetic expression / Side Effect of Global Variables in C / C++  

19. Side Effect of Aliasing with Example 

20. How to Create Header File in C / CPP or Independent compilation in C language 

21. Independent compilation in Java language  

22. Code Optimization Techniques in Compiler Design with Examples

23. Code Generation & Code Optimization

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