Thursday 16 February 2017

How To Install Windows Softwares On Linux

Hi Friends,
                    We can install windows softwares (e.g. MS Office) on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora or any distribution). For this, you need to install Software named "Wine" on your Linux system and then just install windows softwares by double clicking on .exe file as you do on Windows OS.
                     I have used it on my Ubuntu system and it is working fine.

                    Following are the steps for installing "Wine" on ubuntu:

1. Search for "Ubuntu Software Center" in Applications and open it.

2. Search for "Wine" in Ubuntu Software Center.

3. You will get option to install "Wine". Install it by clicking on "Install" button.

4. Once you install "Wine", go to the folder where you have .exe file for your Windows software. Double click on it and follow the same procedure as that you follow on Windows. 

5. Complete installation process and then to use that software, go to the "Applications" and search for that software (for e.g. Word) and use it.

                    On Fedora, you can install "Wine" by running command yum install wine on terminal and then install windows softwares as you do on Windows OS i.e. by double clicking on .exe file.


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