Wednesday 1 March 2017

Wine Error- MS Powerpoint Fails To Launch

Hi Friends,
                  If you are using wine on Linux and if you have installed MS office, then you might be getting error "Powerpoint Fails To Launch" when you are trying to open MS Powerpoint.

                   If it is the case with you, then don't worry. You have to follow some simple steps to run powerpoint smoothly on your Linux system using Wine.

                     Follow following steps:
1. Search "Configure Wine" in Applications and open it.

2. You will get a window. Click on the menu "Libraries".

3. Search for "riched20(native)" in dropdown menu "New override for library".

4. Click on button "Add" to add library riched20(native).

5. Click on button "OK".

                      That's it. Now you can open MS Powerpoint by searching in Applications. It will open properly.


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