Friday 20 September 2019

How to get Google Maps API Key

                In this post, we will see How to get Google Maps API Key.

1. Go to File->New->New Project. Select template Google Maps Activity.

 2. Enter Project Name:

3.  Go to the URL to get Google Maps API Key.

4. Create a project. If project is already created, then select that project. Then click Agree and continue.

5. Give project name and then click on CREATE.


7. Select Maps SDK for Android or Maps SDK for iOS depending on the platform for which you are creating an App.

8. Click on ENABLE.

9. Go to options (Shown by three lines). Then choose APIs & Services->Credentials.

10. Click on Create credentials. Then choose API key.

11. Copy the key you got here. If you want to put some restrictions over use of key, click on RESTRICT KEY. You can put restrictions like whether you want to use that key only for app or you want to use it for web pages also. You can also put restrictions like how many apps can use that key etc.

12. Paste your key at appropriate place as shown in following screenshot.

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