Wednesday 22 January 2020

How to add Google calendar to your website / blogger

                  In this post, we will see how to add Google Calendar to your website / blogger.

What is the use of Google Calendar on our website?

1. Google Calendar shows the current date.

2. Second and most important use is we can schedule activities on Google calendar embedded on our website. It is mostly used for the websites of Colleges, Universities, Companies etc.

How to add / embed Google Calendar to your website?
               Follow the following steps:

1. Go to url

2. Get logged in using Google (gmail) credentials.

3. Click on + symbol besides Other calendars.

4. Click on Create new calendar.

5. Enter Name & Description

6. Click on button Create calendar.

7. Go to the Home page and choose your newly created calendar (e.g. Academic Calender). Un-tick others.

8. Add events. (We can directly add the event by clicking on particular date or click on button Create & then add event).

9. Go to the Settings & Sharing of our newly created calendar.

10. Click on option Integrate calendar.

11. Under the title Embed code, HTML code is provided. Copy it.

12. Paste it to the webpage where you want.
(For Blogger, go to the HTML section and copy where you want).
13. To customize calendar, click on Customize button.

14. Tick / Un-tick options you want to show or skip from users. You can also resize it.

15. You can copy this new Embed code with new settings and paste it where you want.

16. To make your calendar public (in order to make your calendar events visible to all), go back to previous Settings page and click on Access Permissions. Tick to Make available to public.

17. Here, I have made my calendar, check it:

18. Screenshot of the calendar when I added activities.

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