Friday 22 January 2021

Importance of studying Programming Languages

                    In this post, we will see Importance of studying Programming Languages or six primary reasons to study different programming languages. 

                   Watch following video:

1. To improve your ability to develop effective algorithms. 

e.g. recursion

2. To improve your use of your existing programming language.

e.g. arrays, strings, list, records, classes, objects, structures, pointers etc.

3. To increase your vocabulary of useful programming constructs.

e.g. functions/routines, conditions, loops etc.

4. To allow a better choice of programming language.

e.g. Applications with Numerical Calculations: C, FORTRAN

Applications with Decision Making: LISP, Prolog, ML

Internet Applications: Perl, Java

5. To make it easier to learn a new language.

e.g. C, C++, Java

6. To make it easier to design a new language.

e.g. Many new languages are based on C or Pascal as implementation models.

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