Monday 23 August 2021

How to install eclipse c/c++ on windows

                    In this post, we will see how to install eclipse c/c++ on windows. 

                   Follow the following steps: 

1. Download MinGW from the link  and install it.  

2. Go to the Settings -> System -> About -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Environment Variables. Select Path from System Variables. Then click edit. Click New and add C:\MinGW\bin . Then Okay. 

3. Download jdk from this link . Install jdk from this .exe file.

4. Download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ from this link and install it. 

5. After installation go to File -> New -> C/C++ Project -> All -> C++ Managed Build. Choose Hello World C++ Project from Executables. Also choose MinGW GCC from Toolchains. Also give name to the project. Then click Next, Next and Finish.

6. A project with Hello World program will get opened. Then Build Project and Run it.

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