Monday 25 March 2019

How to Create and Grade Quiz in Google Forms

                   In this post, we will see "How to Create and Grade Quiz in Google Forms".

Follow the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Various templates are given. Better choose (click) Blank.

3. Give title to the form. Also give name to the form at Top Left of the form.

4. Now click on Settings (Gear icon) button.

5. Click on QUIZZES

6. Now switch on the button besides Make this a quiz.

7. Click on Save.

8. Now you can add questions to your form. Click on + button to add more questions. You can make that question Short answer, Paragraph, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown. Mostly for quiz, we choose Multiple Choice

9. You can add more options for Multiple choice questions by clicking on ADD "OTHER".

10. Click on ANSWER KEY to provide correct answer. Choose the correct answer. Also provide points (marks) to the question.

11. Similar actions you can do for other questions.

12. Now to save responses from users, we have to create spreadsheet (Excel Sheet). For that, click on RESPONSES. Click on green button which specifies Create Spreadsheet. Provide name to spreadsheet (Mostly we give the same name as that of Google form). Then click on button CREATE. This will create a spreadsheet. All responses from the user will be saved in this spreadsheet.

13. To get a link of Google Form (Quiz), which user will see, there are two options. 
You can click on Preview (Eye) button. A new tab will be opened. Copy the url. 
Second way is click on SEND button. There are three options besides Send via .
i. First option allows you to send link to any mail id.
ii. Second option gives you link. Which you can copy and send to anyone. You can also get short URL. For this, you have to tick checkbox Shorten URL.
iii. Third option gives you HTML code which you can embed in your website or blog. I have done this for our other website. Check this link:

Here is the screenshot of this quiz:

                Hope, you understood this clearly. Thank you so much. Don't forget to comment on this post and tell whether this post helped you or not. 

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