Friday 24 April 2015

How to host your website on Google App Engine (GAE) and How to link it with custom domain name from godaddy

Google App Engine
               Google App Engine is a cloud service(PAAS) provided by Google to host our web application. It provides platform for the web applications written in Java, PHP, Python or GO. For the details of Google App Engine, go through the link
                In this post, we will see step by step procedure starting from purchasing a domain name from, to host a website on Google App Engine and to link our website to the custom domain name purchased from
               Let us see in detail,

1. How to purchase a website domain name from

1. Go to the
2. Enter your favourite domain name that you want to purchase into the textbox given there.
3. It will show whether the entered domain name is available or not.
4. If it is available then click on next.
5. It will show the costing plan(for a 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more).
6. Choose one plan that you are comfortable with.
7. In the next step, pay the money with available options(credit card, debit card, net banking etc.).
8. If you have followed all above steps, then that domain name is yours.

2. How to host a website on Google App Engine

1. Go to the link .

2. Enter your login credentials to sign in into your account.

3. Click on "Create Application" button.

4. Enter all details. Now you can access your application on the url "<your application id>" (e.g.

5. Now you can deploy your website(written in python/php/Java) on google app engine by using software "Google App Engine Launcher". It is available for Windows/Linux/MAC. For Windows and MAC, it is user friendly as it provides graphical user interface. For Linux, you have to do all the operations from the terminal. But the best way to create and deploy website is to use Eclipse. For this read next step.

6. Install Eclipse latest version on your system(Windows/Linux). Install plugin for google app engine in your installed Eclipse.(Find all details regarding installation of eclipse and Google App Engine plugin at Now it is very simple. Create your webpages by using Java(Servlet/JSP). Deploy your website on Google App Engine by using button named "g" on toolbar and drop down option "deploy". Even you can test your website before deployment by running it on your local machine.

3. How to use custom domain name(your purchased website name) for your Google App Engine web application

1. Go to the link

2. Choose your Google App Engine Application (e.g. mygateadhyayan).

3. Then choose Compute > App Engine > Settings. Choose option Custom domain name.

4. On this web page, you will get three steps.  In first step, mention your custom domain name. Click on button "verify". It will take you to the domain registrar website to verify that you own that domain name.

5. Once it is verified, in second step , automatically it will update domain name and subdomain name. Choose any one and click on button "Add".

6. In third step, automatically you will get DNS records i.e. A(ip v4), AAAA(ip v6), CNAME.

7. Now the last and most important step. You have log in into domain registrar website. Click on "VISIT MY ACCOUNT". Then click on "Manage" button situated in front of "DOMAINS". Click on "DNS ZONE FILE". Enter entry for A(only one entry), AAAA(only one entry), CNAME(Host:www, Points To: These record's values you will get from above step.

8. Your Google App Engine application will get linked to your custom domain within some time interval. It can take few seconds to at max 48 hours.

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