Saturday 25 April 2015

How to score more in GATE with a preparation of short duration

           Guys, I wanted to share some techniques which will help you to score more in GATE.
           First a small introduction about GATE. GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is an exam conducted by IISc and seven IITs  for higher engineering courses like M.E, M.Tech., M.S., M.Sc(Engg) in India. So this blog is for only those who stays in India and wanted to prepare for higher engineering PG courses.

Follow the following steps:
1. For GATE, only having knowledge is not sufficient. It checks your problem solving skill. So try to solve more GATE questions.

2. Now the question is from where you will get more GATE questions. Guys Gateforum test series is best for this. Gateforum takes around 10 to 12  GATE practice papers whose complexity is nearly equal to the actual GATE exam. If you have a financial problem, still don't need to worry. Go to the and download previous years question papers. For some question papers, they also have provided solutions. Solve one complete paper at a time and check how many marks you can score.

3. If you are getting less score, still no need to worry. Trace the same paper again. Check in which questions you got wrong or you don't have knowledge. Read that particular portion from net or textbook. Again repeat the same procedure for next questions.

4. Try this above method for multiple question papers.

5. If you want to score more in GATE, then keep in mind, that you have to solve more 2 marks questions. I will suggest you to start with 2 marks questions. Finish maximum 2 marks questions within first two hours. Give last one hour for 1 mark questions. It's a psychological thing that after solving 2 marks questions, you will feel 1 mark questions very easy.

6. In GATE, there is negative marking of 1/3rd. So, solve only those questions in which you are sure.

               I am certain, these techniques will help you for preparation. All the best!!!

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