Tuesday 27 August 2019

How to earn money online | How to earn money from home

                  In this post, we will see How to earn money online or How to earn money from home
                  If you search on google.com, you will get number of posts which talk about this. Here, I will suggest you three reliable ways by using which I have earned money.

I. Youtube Channel 
                  Youtube is owned by Google Inc. and it is largest video repository on Internet. 
                  What we have to do? We have to create a channel on youtube. By default, on youtube, there is channel associated with your google account. In the same account, you can create a channel with different name.
                  You need to post videos regularly on your youtube channel. You can schedule videos by using mobile app YT Studio. Best thing about youtube is that you don't have to promote your videos. This task is done by youtube itself. To start earning money, you need to apply for monetization. But, again you should have passed their criteria. Currently, to get eligible for monetization, your channel should have atleast 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hrs. watch time. 
                  For reference, you can check our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/paragcsa.

II. Blogging
                 Another way to earn money is creating blog

What we have to do?
1. We need to create a blog either on blogger.com or any other blogging platform. To learn, how to create blog, check link https://www.comrevo.com/2015/04/how-to-write-blog-on-google-blogger.html.

2. Your blog should have custom domain name, then only Google will approve it for its monetization program Gooogle Adsense. You can purchase custom domain name from godaddy.com or bigrock.in. To learn, how to connect your blog to your custom domain, check this link https://www.comrevo.com/2015/06/how-to-use-custom-domain-name-for-your-blog-on-blogger-domain-name-from-godaddy-with-screenshots-examples.html.

3. You should publish your own content on your blog and should not copy from other websites. Your blog should be systematic and should have pleasant look. To learn how to manage / design your blog, check link https://www.comrevo.com/2016/08/how-to-write-blog.html.

4. To be eligible for earning, your blog/website should be 6 months old (this rule is for India and China). Then, you can apply for monetization.

5. You need to learn some SEO techniques to get more views through google search.

III. Affiliate Program
                  If you have good youtube channel or blog, then you have one more chance to earn money through Affiliate programs. Many companies (websites) like amazon, flipkart provides such  affiliate programs. You can choose any one but according to me best option is amazon affiliate program.

What we have to do?
1. Go to the https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/. Get join and then log in to your account. 

2. Search a product on amazon. You have to create a link for it which is linked to your amazon affiliate account. 

3. Share that link on your blog or youtube channel. 

                      Generally, Amazon gives you upto 10% cost of product as advertising fee. 

                     Hope, you like this post. Thank You. 


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